A Clinician’s Roadmap to Knowledge Translation


A Clinician’s Roadmap to Knowledge Translation for interprofessional health care professionals briefly exposes the theoretical principles of Knowledge Translation using an 8-step approach to implementing research evidence into rehabilitation practice. 

The module consists of an interactive platform with evidence-based content on knowledge translation, interprofessional video testimonials, as well as downloadable evidence-based resources and tools. 

On completion, the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the term Knowledge Translation and how it can be applied in a clinical setting
  2. Describe and discuss a clinical knowledge translation example
  3. Identify and measure a knowledge or practice gap in their clinical/institutional setting
  4. Assess barriers and facilitators related to implementing new knowledge, as well as factors to consider for the local context
  5. Develop an implementation plan to design, monitor and sustain new knowledge (e.g. assessment tool, intervention, etc.) in your practice.

The module includes a lot of useful material, the intention is for the clinician to review the content in a self-directed manner and revisit various steps or videos as needed.

Once registered, the learner will have access for 30 days from the date of purchase. The module requires an internet connection to function.

 * A list of useful tools, resources and recommendations will be available to download and print.

 * A Certificate of Completion for 3 continuing education hours will be available on completion of the module.


Enjoy this knowledge translation journey!

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