For course related questions, please contact the department directly. Email contacts can be found at Refund Policies.

Account/access questions:

  1. Q: I forgot my password to the account.
    A: Click on “Forgot your guest password?” link which appears when you click on “Guest login”
  2. Q. What is the URL to access my courses?
    A. The URL is emailed to you in the registration confirmation email. You can also log in at https://mycourses2.mcgill.ca using the Guest Login button
  3. Q. I registered in a course but did not receive my confirmation email.
    A. The confirmation email is sent from ITSupport@mcgill.ca Please check your junk email folder to see if it was delivered there.
  4. Q. I am having trouble accessing my online course.
    A: For technical questions, please submit a ticket at the following link: https://mcgill.service-now.com/itportal.

Payment questions:

  1. Q: I registered for a course but have changed my mind and would like a refund.
    A. Click the “Refund Policies” link on the top right corner. You will need to contact the department by email which is listed on the page.
  2. Q: The site is not accepting my credit card information.
    a. Make sure there are no spaces or hyphens in the card number entered.
    b. Verify expiry date of card and that it is entered as MMYY
    c. Site will only accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express

Course inquiries:

  1. Q: I no longer have access to the course I registered for. How can I regain access?
    A. You must contact the department directly. A list of department emails can be found under "Refund Policies"